Review: The Rico Mente Technique - How It Works

When Rico Mente was asked "How does your technique actually work?" He replied...

"The content of the questions you ask yourself determines the content of the thoughts and feelings you experience.

All thoughts and feelings are answers to questions you previously asked yourself.

This is why different people experience different thoughts and feelings when posed with the same event - because they have asked themselves different questions.

Therefore you can purposefully create a different set of experiences and create a totally different life by asking yourself different questions.

The problem is, our conscious minds are made to make as many things as possible automatic.

So when we are awake we cannot change the questions we ask. Our conscious mind automatically asks the questions we asked the last time - and our subconscious replies with thoughts and feelings that seemed to help us the last time.

We can only change the questions when we are in a relaxed state. Like when we first wake up in a morning.

My carefully crafted and tested relaxation sequence takes you to that same state.

Not too relaxed and not falling asleep.

Then my technique is to get you to ask yourself empowering questions in that state.

And then these questions are repeated in the back of your mind automatically throughout the day.

And the subconscious answers those questions with the thoughts and feelings you need to become and stay healthy, wealthy, happy and attractive.

That is the basic nut and bolt to my technique.

The rest is about which questions to ask and when and in what order, to create the exact thoughts we need to create the life we would love to have.

That's my technique.


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